As a business we take environmental responsibilities seriously. We take many steps to recycle & reduce waist. We are constantly learning & improving in these matters & encourage others to do the same. Here are some of the steps we take to be awake!

  • We donate all our glass bottles to charity 

  • We try everything to reduce food waist & turn leftovers into soil

  • Most of our 'take away' containers are compostable from Vegware

  • Most of our napkins, paper towels & WC paper are biodegradable & or recycled paper

  • Only upon request do we use compostable straws from Vegware

  • Júlíus the farmer that brings us eggs feeds his chickens with our leftover sourdough scraps

  • Our staff takes part in being environmentally friendly & share ideas to improve 

  • We return boxes from suppliers to reuse 

  • We recycle the following materials: 

      - paper

      - plastic 

      - candle wax & tea candle metals

      - cork & metals bottles caps from bottles

Grandagardur 23,101,Reykjavik. +354 552 5454